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Dr John Kennell

Birth Doula

What is a Birth Doula?

As birth becomes ever more medicalised there is far less continuity of care. A doula is a valuable support during the antenatal period and through the birth itself, enabling parents to make informed choices about their care, signposting relevant research based information and being a reassuring presence.

As a Birth Doula I not only attend your birth, but help the pregnant woman and her partner make informed decisions in the weeks leading up to the birth.  I’m an advocate, a cheerleader and put the parents and their choices at the centre of all I do.

Pregnancy can bring a wealth of anxieties and I believe that whilst birth is special; having the right support by your side is crucial in minimising these anxieties as well as reminding you how empowering birth can be.

My knowledge and continuous supportive presence provides much needed calm to clients and their partners at this most vulnerable time of your lives inspiring confidence in the woman’s ability to give birth and helps reduce fear of the unknown.

Postnatal Doula

What is a Postnatal Doula?

As a Postnatal Doula I attend your home in the first six weeks post birth to help you adjust to the new parenting challenges.

Be that feeding support, understanding sleep expectations, physical and emotional recovery from birth, sitting on your sofa listening to your birth experience, helping you with basic domestic chores, holding the baby whilst you shower or sleep, playing with older children, making family meals, support with breastfeeding counselling, formula feeding, encouraging good mental and physical health recovery.

My presence brings continuous support and much needed calm to the family at this transformative time; inspiring confidence in your ability to parent, helping reduce the overwhelming emotions, understanding the biological norms of baby behaviours as well as easing the life changing experience of parenting.

It's been reported

A succession of reports in major medical journals have shown that the presence of a Doula can:

  • Shorten labour by several hours
  • Halve the need for caesarean and forceps deliveries
  • Reduce the need for use of painkillers and epidurals
  • Ensure a more positive mental experience for the parents

      The benefits go on.....

      Women who have had Doulas present at their births:

      • Are more confident of their ability to birth their baby
      • Show higher self esteem about their labour
      • Are less likely to have postnatal depression
      • Feel more confident in understanding their new baby’s needs

        Success in numbers

        The continuous support of a birth doula can help achieve the following:

        • 25% shorter labour
        • 30% reduction in analgesia use
        • 40% reduction in synthetic oxytocin use
        • 40% reduction in forceps delivery
        • 50% reduction in the caesarean rate
        • 60% reduction in epidural requests

        Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 1993

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        Birth Doula


        • 2 antenatal appointments to discuss your pregnancy care & your choices
        • A dedicated WhatsApp chat to ask me any questions from the time of booking until 6 weeks post birth;
        • 2 weeks on call either side of your due date – 14 days before your due date until 14 days after your due date
        • Dedicated care from the time needed in labour until you’re happy for me to leave post birth.
        • If breastfeeding, I won’t leave until we are all satisfied that you are breastfeeding happily
        • 1 postnatal appointment at your home within 2 weeks post birth to discuss the birth and to ensure you have any early parenting questions answered. This can include breastfeeding support
        • Free access to me on WhatsApp, email, phone until 6 weeks postnatally.
        Price £1250

        Postnatal Doula


        • 20 hours postnatal care within six weeks after birth
        • Your flexibility of how to use the hours. Anything from 0-4 hours a day (weekdays only from 10-3pm)
        • Help with older children
        • Basic parenting chores eg laundry, washing up, tidying kitchen, making up formula bottles, changing nappies, helping parents learn basic parenting skills
        • Holding the baby whilst mum showers / sleeps / connects with older children
        • Making meals for the family
        • Feeding support
        • Listening to parents and helping them adjust to new parenting experiences
        • Dedicated care from the time needed postnatally until either 20 hours are used or if additional hours you’re happy for me to leave.  
        • If breastfeeding, I will support you to breastfeed comfortably and help iron out any early issues
        • Free access to me on WhatsApp, email, phone until our time is up. 
        Price:  £1000

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