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Supporting parents from birth and beyond

When your baby is here, there is still so much to understand and learn.

Physical and emotional recovery for mum and baby, processing birth trauma, breastfeeding, understanding baby’s biological development, sleep support, a changing couple’s relationship, expressing breastmilk, combination feeding of breastmilk and formula, introducing bottles, helping a 6 month baby to start solids, returning to work whilst breastfeeding.  The list goes on.

The proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” is never more evident than in the early days of parenting.  Spending time with other parents, feeling supported, having someone to listen to your anxieties and thoughts is just a small part of what I offer.  You may not need something fixing, but often feeling heard, listened to and respected is a huge part of what I can help with.

If you’re looking for non-judgemental, kind, supportive, listening help, then get in touch.

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Holistic Sleep

Trained by Holistic Sleep coach, Lyndsey Hookway, no baby or parent should cry when it comes to solving sleep issues.

I work on a 1:1 basis to understand the entire family’s needs and what they’d like to achieve.

I explain clearly with evidence that a baby’s biological norm is to be near the parent until the baby feels ready to be separate.  I’m an advocate of co-sleeping, bed-sharing and understanding a baby’s biological needs, but also appreciate that parents have sleep needs too.

Introduction to Solids

Just when you got to grips with one thing, the next challenge comes along

Getting ready for baby’s 6 month milestone, understanding biological development, how to combine food and milk, how to deal with allergies. Unravel all the lingo, how do I start, what am I supposed to avoid, how will breastfeeding / formula work alongside?  Friendly chat, tips and support to ease the worries along with a group WhatsApp to share chat, recipes, shared stories and continued access to me as well as a comprehensive email handout and links sent after the course.

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Breastfeeding Counsellor

I have been supporting parents since 2014. As an experienced breastfeeding counsellor I can help with all areas of feeding. Be that the basics of good position and attachment, understanding feeding cues, explaining a baby’s development and sleep behaviour, helping with any problems, signposting to a local infant feeding team and am happy to show you how to introduce bottles and keep the baby feeding responsively and contently.