1:1 Consultation


1:1 Sessions

1:1 Consultation


I offer private (1:1 couples or single parents) sessions for mums and / or partner.
Together I can tailor make a consultation that suits your needs.
Here are just some of the ideas that you might need support with: 
baby’s sleep, breastfeeding, moving from combination feeding to solely breastfeeding, returning to work, discussing a previous birth experience, parent’s mental health, adjusting to a new sibling.  
I have the skills and experience to help you create strategies to go forward in a way that suits your family 


Happy Parents

“Cally’s wealth of knowledge and ability to empower new parents is undeniably invaluable and something I will forever be grateful for at a time when there really was no one else to turn to (other than google!!). From feeding support, weaning workshops, and trauma reflections, Cally’s knowledge and experience is top class.
Her ability to adapt to bossing zooms so quickly in a time of need was admirable and something that remains such a useful tool especially now with life’s juggles. I have experienced both 1:1 and group zoom sessions, Cally makes them incredibly personalised but also interactive in group settings which was all the more appreciated during those lonely lockdown times.”
“My wife and I had been considering having our second child for a while, and after the difficulties we experienced with our first little boy, the thought of doing it all again has been pretty daunting, to say the least. 
We have now started engaging with Cally, after she provided my wife so much support when our little man arrived, and I must say her approach has certainly helped us see it from a more positive and proactive perspective, making us believe we can begin on this next journey on the right foot.”

Once you know Cally, she’s one of those faces you are always relieved to see when you’re heading to a breastfeeding group for some advice, or if you happen to bump into her on the postnatal ward or something  – she’s got empathy, knowledge and comfort by the bucket load!  Everyone knows Cally, and everyone loves Cally! She’s a real hero! 

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Breastfeeding Counsellor

I have been supporting parents since 2014. As an experienced breastfeeding counsellor I can help with all areas of feeding. Be that the basics of good position and attachment, understanding feeding cues, explaining a baby’s development and sleep behaviour, helping with any problems, signposting to a local infant feeding team and am happy to show you how to introduce bottles and keep the baby feeding responsively and contently.