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Breastfeeding Counsellor


Breastfeeding may be the biological norm for feeding our babies, but it certainly doesn’t always come naturally.  It’s a skill.  A skill that requires practice, many attempts, time to perfect and the ability to change with our baby’s needs.

As a voluntary breastfeeding peer supporter since February 2014 and a qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor since 2021, I’ve run twice weekly free breastfeeding groups in all sorts of locations: children’s centres, postnatal ward, NICU ward, with the local Infant Feeding Team, online throughout the pandemic, at playgroups as well as answering calls on the National Breastfeeding Helpline. There is very little about breastfeeding, a parent’s initial struggle and desire to breastfeed; that I have not witnessed or supported.

If I can’t solve a mum’s problem, I will always signpost you to someone who can. 

I am known locally as kind, pragmatic, your biggest cheerleader and help mums daily to achieve their dreams of breastfeeding painlessly and for longer than they ever anticipated. For this reason, the local breastfeeding rates are amongst the highest in the county and I am often attributed to that success.

If you’re looking for a non-judgemental, kind, supportive, listening help, then get in touch.


Happy Parents

“Cally is a breastfeeding guru! There is no one else I would go to for advice. She helped me to breastfeed for the very first time when I thought I’d never be able to. The day I came home with my third baby, feeding was not going to plan, and within minutes I knew exactly who I wanted to speak to. I called Cally in desperation, knowing that she would sort me out! She welcomed me into her home, and sat with me until things were sorted. Even though I suspect it may not have been a convenient time, she seemingly dropped everything for me and my baby. Cally is one of those people who has the knack of making you feel like you’re the only one she cares about. “
“15 months into motherhood Cally continues to support me on my breastfeeding journey. There is absolutely no doubt about it that I would not have breastfed for so long without Cally’s support. I would recommend Salisbury Breastfeeding Facebook and Salisbury Breastfeeding weekly Zoom to every new mum.” 

“We had the privilege of meeting Cally as our NCT teacher more than three years ago with which we were blown away by her level of knowledge and passion, in supporting us to become a family. Since then she has saved both of our breastfeeding journeys with fantastic support. We cannot recommend her services highly enough and often find ourselves signposting others to sign up for some ‘Cally Magic’ to ensure they find their tribe & get their fix.”

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Physical and emotional recovery for mum and baby, processing birth trauma, breastfeeding, understanding baby’s biological development, sleep support, a changing couple’s relationship, expressing breastmilk, combination feeding of breastmilk and formula, introducing bottles, helping a 6 month baby to start solids, returning to work whilst breastfeeding.  The list goes on.  I offer 1:1 sessions or group workshops