Holistic Sleeping


1:1 Sessions

Holistic Sleeping


Trained by the leading Holistic Sleep guru, Lyndsey Hookway, I’m a firm believer that no baby or parent should every cry when it comes to solving sleep issues.  EVER.

This means I work with parents on a 1:1 basis to understand the entire family’s needs and what they’d like to achieve.

I will explain clearly and show the evidence that a baby’s biological norm is to be near to the parent until the baby feels ready to be separate.  I’m an advocate of co-sleeping, bed-sharing and understanding a baby’s biological needs.

I can help with rhythms and pattern understanding rather than routines.


Happy Parents

“I first met Cally at the drop in breastfeeding support group when my little boy was only 3 weeks old and everything was a bit of a struggle, feeding included. She was an enormous help then and ever since and I honestly don’t know how I would have coped without her help in those first few months. We had issues with sleeping, cluster feeding and then I developed carpal tunnel in both wrists, making life with a tiny baby virtually impossible.

Throughout it all Cally was there to help with advice, her no nonsense approach, kindness and even just a hug which meant the world to me. I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone who is thinking of approaching her.  Our boy is now sleeping through most nights.”

“Cally is the only professional who has supported me since the beginning of my motherhood journey, at every twist and turn. I always know I can go to Cally for advice if I need it, which is so reassuring. I would not be the person or the mum that I am today if it wasn’t for Cally’s support.”

“It’s impossible to do full justice to the role that Cally has played in the births of all three of our daughters just by using words!  In 2017 when we joined seven other couples in a church hall and were introduced to Cally as our NCT Antenatal Course teacher we had no idea what she would come to mean to our family.”

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I have been supporting parents since 2014. As an experienced breastfeeding counsellor I can help with all areas of feeding. Be that the basics of good position and attachment, understanding feeding cues, explaining a baby’s development and sleep behaviour, helping with any problems, signposting to a local infant feeding team and am happy to show you how to introduce bottles and keep the baby feeding responsively and contently.