Introduction to Solids


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Introduction to Solids


Introduction to Solids often feels like a huge deal for a parent.  Just when you got to grips with one thing, the next challenge comes along!

Join us as we unravel all the lingo, how do I start, what am I supposed to avoid, how will breastfeeding / formula work alongside?

1.5 hrs Zoom Call


Happy Parents

“The course was fab! Very comprehensive, covered all the relevant topics. I found the video clips particularly very helpful to actually see examples of what we were talking about. Also lots of time to answer our questions, Cally is very knowledgeable and expanded on related topics. Great to have the PowerPoint and links to refer back too, although it’s delivered via zoom it still felt friendly and sociable, especially as Cally set up a WhatsApp group to introduce ourselves beforehand to get to know each other and to provide continued support to each other as we introduce solids. Great value for money, especially as Cally is on the WhatsApp group and is kindly able to answer questions in the future. Cally delivered the course in a relaxed and reassuring way, no question is silly! And also with a great sense of humour : ) thank you!”

“Cally is incredible. I admire her honesty and passion so much and as such can’t recommend this course or any of her courses enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I always feel like I’m going to hear the other side to the story… which means I come away with a balanced view and can take what from the commonly talked about ways and perhaps a more novel (maybe if I can say it) educated approach. Her courses are always worth doing. Don’t hesitate. Also for £15 she makes it available to everyone. Such good value for the insight she provides and the ongoing support she’s always happy to give. It should cost more. Just do it.”

“A brilliant course that gave me a great starting point of understanding the different ways of weaning from milk to solids. The communication before and after is impeccable and Cally is always there to answer questions. It’s helped me build a bigger network of mums to talk to, share ideas and ideas express worried too. Fantastic.”

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