Postnatal Doula


What to expect

Postnatal Doula


As your Postnatal Doula, I attend the parents home in the first six weeks post birth to help them adjust to the new parenting challenges.  Be that feeding support, understanding sleep expectations, physical and emotional recovery from birth, siting on the sofa listening to the birth experience, helping with basic domestic chores, holding the baby whilst you shower or sleep, making family meals, support with all feeding, breastfeeding counselling, encouraging good mental health recovery. 
My supportive presence inspires confidence in the family and helps reduce fear of the overwhelming emotions and transformative experience of parenting. I have strategies to make things easier and I give you the skills to help you cope as a team without me.


Happy Parents

“There aren’t enough words to say how amazing Cally is. But I’ll try! We hired Cally as a postnatal doula and can easily say it was the best decision we ever made.

Once our baby was born, she came out in the early days and made minor adjustments to help with breastfeeding, reassured us that it’s all normal and she was only ever a text away. We spread our Cally hours out over the first 6 weeks especially for when my husband returned to work. She’d come in, make me a cup of tea, debriefed our birth, pet the dog, bounce the baby, support an anxious first-time mum, explain in man terms for my husband.”


“I can safely say that without her support we wouldn’t be where we are today, with a very happy baby, a mum that’s very confidently breastfeeding and trusting her instincts and a dad who feels included and bonded without having to bottle feed.
We rant and rave about how truly amazing, warm, friendly and supportive Cally is to everyone. Of all the silly baby stuff on the market that first-time parents think they need, don’t bother with it, hire Cally instead!”

“Once you know Cally, she’s one of those faces you are always relieved to see when you’re heading to a breastfeeding group for some advice, or if you happen to bump into her on the postnatal ward or something  – she’s got empathy, knowledge and comfort by the bucket load!  Everyone knows Cally, and everyone loves Cally! She’s a real hero!”

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