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Zoom with a View

Zoom with a View

As an Antenatal teacher, experienced Breastfeeding supporter (trainee Breastfeeding Counsellor) and Doula, I work with pregnant couples and help them understand the process of childbirth whilst still maintaining choices from pregnancy to childbirth to parenting. Once...

The Top Down and Paced Feeding

The Top Down and Paced Feeding

I often get asked how mums can reduce the amount of formula they are giving their little ones. Here's how the conversation usually goes: "I'm topping up and every time I give him a bottle, he guzzles it down so I just know he's clearly hungry and I'm surely not making...

10 Reasons to hire a Doula

10 Reasons to hire a Doula

1. Continuity of support through pregnancy. labour, birth and postnatally

2. Support at home in labour before going to the hospital or calling the midwives

3. Support partner/family as well as mum


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